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Most weddings cost far more than you would spend on a decent saloon car. It’s unthinkable that you would drive your brand new car without insurance cover, yet so many couples take a bigger financial risk by not insuring their wedding costs against the risk of total loss. By comparison to cars, house content, possessions, valuables, etc., wedding insurance costs very little for comprehensive cover. The relatively small premium for wedding insurance will give you peace of mind as you plan for your wedding.

ou pretty much have most of the vendors chosen for your wedding, but now onto the wedding DJ pricing. So how much does a wedding DJ cost? You will see many different wedding DJ prices, keep these points in mind and you will find the right one. (more…)

Autumn is quickly becoming one of the most popular times for weddings, just behind the long-time favorites of June and September. Whether it’s because this is the only time a bride can find an open venue available for rent or if it’s because she loves the colors of fall, the months of October and November are quickly becoming a favorite among wedding planners. But with this new trend comes a few unique challenges; for example, outdoor weddings during the fall are colder and may be more prone to rain. Kids are back in school so some relatives may not be able to travel as easily. And how is a bride to find just the right fall wedding favors for her reception? (more…)

If you think it’s just too overwhelming to create and assemble your own cheap wedding favors, don’t! Any bride can save herself literally hundreds of dollars if she follows these few simple steps needed to create and assemble wedding favors on her own. With a little bit of planning and effort, you’ll find that you can do it too. (more…)

There are many reasons why a bride might choose chocolate wedding favors for her reception. They’re typically very affordable, come in a wide variety of flavors, look beautiful and festive, and let’s face it, who doesn’t love chocolate?

But wanting to have chocolate wedding favors for your reception can leave you scratching your head as to what you should actually choose, and how chocolates can be presented at your reception in a beautiful and appropriate manner. (more…)

When people think about planning a wedding they think about the dresses, planning a menu, choosing a venue and picking flowers for the wedding bouquet. However more often than not the first thing everybody does when they begin to plan their wedding is set the date. Many people don’t see how this can cause issues, but planning the date is probably the most important choice you or your wedding planner will have to make,

The wedding day must not only be convenient for you and your spouse but also for your guests. Most people pick a weekend day, usually a Saturday to avoid conflict with other religious days and to ensure most people are not at work.

Try to plan your wedding for a day which does not clash with public holidays and festivals. If you book your wedding day on or around religious or public holidays you may find some guests cannot make it. Be sympathetic to other religions too, the last thing you want is some of your wedding guests fasting while you celebrate you wedding with a banquet at the reception venue. Also remember if it is a bank holiday weekend that most people like to get away for these periods and if you don’t send the invitations out early enough your guests may have made plans.

Also try to avoid the beginning and end of school holidays as most people book holidays abroad around these times. Try to keep away from family birthdays too, if possible keep away from Valentines Day, Christmas and Easter as many caterers and florists will be busy around these times and will have less time dedicate themselves to your special wedding day.

Dream weddings in Miami and Bali are not unheard of – Goa has recently become a popular destination for couples around the world to plan their dream ocean-side weddings. (more…)

As the year draws to a close, a number of notables are looking back with loving memories of their engagements. Whether they took their first step toward “I do” over dinner at a romantic restaurant or during an exotic holiday getaway, Lovetripper takes a look at the locales where the stars chose to propose in 2007.

You may not lay claim to Google co-founder Larry Page’s fortune, but if you’re willing to open your wallet, you can say “I do” like the 34-year-old tech titan.

Just head to Necker Island, where Page last month married 27-year-old Stanford Ph.D. candidate Lucy Southworth. The 74-acre island in the British Virgin Islands is owned by billionaire Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin Group. (more…)